St Lawrence Textile Centre

Great excitement yesterday when I was introduced to the St Lawrence Textile Centre in Norwich. Kit had kept me in the dark, just telling me I had to be prepared to be amazed. Oh I was! Only opening a few weeks ago it is situated in one of the many churches to be found all over Norwich. You walk in the door expecting the cool shadowy calm of an English church but are then confronted by a kaleidoscope of colour and texture and music which leaves you momentarily bemused. I met a wonderfully vibrant lady with a knitting machine who creates fabulous knitted garments which defy description. Imagine a scarf with amazing elastic qualities which can then become skirt, a dress or a hat, which is shocking pink and frilled with peacock coloured crochet… Each section between the pillars is rented by different talented textile and costume artist, their wares artfully displayed alongside vintage jewellery and shoes, old suitcases from which tumble felt hats and silk scarves, feathers and diamante, hanks of yarn and lengths of satin. I just wanted to move in and live there!


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  1. Hello. Thank you for your kind comments ! NEW pictures for you to look at. ( and add, If you so wish.)


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