Technology – and getting a grip on it!!

Second day of  finding my way round all the technicalities of customising my blog and I’ve only snivelled once, and Tim only had to stay up until 1.30am this morning!  But now I’m back on Planet Penny and I’ve brought my pink sheep along with me!

so much better than a pink elephant!

so much better than a pink elephant!

2 Responses

  1. Hi Penny
    I love the pink sheep, will have to show Emma tomorrow, though she will say it should be blue. Thought I would take a look at blog, enjoyed what I have read so far, you have a lovely writing style, hope you keep it up. Hope you are all well and I completely sympathise with attempts to try and understand all this techie stuff. At least you are still talking!
    lots of love from South Wales

  2. Hi Penny!

    I have just discovered your blog and think it’s absolutely wonderful!

    I am a mother of two small boys (they keep us on our toes) so it’s really nice to unwind in the evening and read about lovely things!

    Thank you!

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