Giving ourselves a round of applause…!


Tallulah - a woman of a certain age who's still got what it takes!

Just one last word on the nitty gritty of blogging before I get on with the pretty stuff.  It’s been lovely getting comments from you all, thank you.  I was taken aback this morning by the reaction of  a friend of a similar age when I mentioned blogging.  After her initial bafflement I suggested that if I gave her the site address she could have a look and see what I meant.  ‘Oh, no,’ she said firmly.  ‘I wouldn’t do it. I don’t use the computer. And my husband wouldn’t look either.’   Oooh, my turn to be baffled.  I can’t imagine life without it now, but are we ladies of a certain age (and you know who I mean, girls)  in the minority  as we surf the net looking for our blogging fixes,  Amazon book deliveries and Ebay bargains?  If so, three cheers for us, for embracing and joining in with 21st century technology, and long may it continue!

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  1. Hip ! Hip ! Hooray ! ! !

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