A Colourful Weekend

colourful inspiration

I did try so hard to remain focused on the mammoth task of sorting my studio but I am very easily distracted.  The enormous bag was sorted, yarns balled and stored,  all the fabrics and textiles folded and ironed and things went into the black bag and stayed there.  But then it all looked so lovely and tempting…

ribbonswool fabrics

patchwork fabrics.felt and scissors

So this Sunday my living area has been transformed into a textile workshop with a sewing machine on one side of the dining table, a felting machine on the other side and the laptop in the middle.  The sofa is covered in hand sewing and the ironing board is set up in the kitchen. Henry the cat has retired to a sunny spot in the garden and my long suffering spouse will be relieved that he is currently in the middle of the North Sea!  In the midst of all the textiles I found a bundle of vividly coloured cotton strips,  elongated triangles, cut for a long forgotten project.  Having stitched them together, primarily  to enjoy the intensity of the saturated colours,  inspiration suddenly struck.  Diving into yet another fabric stash (this one’s  under the bed)  I found a length of  royal blue cotton and a much loved Provencal print which used to be a curtain.

patchwork bag

I now have a bag guaranteed to brighten up the most boring supermarket shopping expedition.  Then there was what I did with all those brightly coloured blanket pieces and the felting machine….but that is for another post!


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  1. Hi there! Thank you for your comment! Your blog is so lovely, the bright colours and pretty photos have put a smile on my face after a stressful day of running round like a lunatic!

    Keep up the beautiful blogging!

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