Well, it IS my birthday…


orange rose

No-one likes getting older but it’s inevitable.  I’ve never seen the sense of ignoring birthdays because of what they represent, why miss out on an excuse for a party? I have thoroughly enjoyed my birthday weekend… theatre, lunch, flowers, cards, presents, phone calls, text messages and a balloon!  What more can a woman ask for? Completely spoilt!

Back in March I booked seats for the Norwich open-air Shakespeare Festival in the Cathedral Cloisters.  In March of course,  one optimistically imagines glorious warm and balmy July evenings, a triumph of hope over experience.  As this month progressed the possibilities of weather casting a little dampness over the proceedings grew ever larger.  On Friday, this was the view from my window…

…and Saturday didn’t dawn much better.  Some time was spent over the morning trying to find assorted waterproof garments, but when we surfaced from this we found the sun was starting to come out!  By the time we had settled ourselves on our seats on the grass in the centre of the cloisters the sky was a perfect, cloudless blue.


It was a perfect setting for a fantastic performance of a Midsummer Night’s Dream by the British Shakespeare Company.  Sadly, no photographs to remember it by,  it would have broken the spell, but lots of information on the website.


The following day was lunch with friends and family, at The Dog in Swardeston.  I know you’re not supposed to boast, but can I help  it that  the best lobster in East Anglia  (in the world?) just happens to be prepared by my dear son-out-law, Alex, and served by darling daughter Aimee in their pub?  You see, I said it was a great birthday!


Kit and Bill produced really useful and lovely presents all the way from the Cath Kidston shop in Liverpool …


And last, but not least, my Mother surprised me with a most beautiful piece of needlepoint which she had managed to stitch in complete secrecy, no mean feat.  Next time you see this, it will be a cushion.


The end to a perfect birthday was a rose bush from my gardening guru son, William,  who has unerringly sniffed out the perfect perfume.  

Will's Rose

I wish I could bottle it…

2 Responses

  1. What a lovely day! I hope you kept the balloon away from the roses.

  2. What a wonderful birthday and such thoughtful gifts! that view of the cathedral tower from the cloister is one of my favourite places in the world to be! t.x

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