Spreading myself about a bit…

 That smug feeling I got from sorting out fabrics the other day lasted until one of those middle-of-the-night what’s-it-all-about moments you get sometimes.  (Usually after that unwise extra glass of wine in my case!)  I’m pretty sure the next generation are not going to be interested in my textile mountain, however carefully ironed, folded and colour co-ordinated it is.  I’d better do something to transform it into things William Morris would approve of…

William Morris

Then I can tell everyone they are family heirlooms! 

As I have a vast assortment of precut squares I started on the three inch ones…


..and had probably just enough for a baby bedspread, and in the extended family, a forthcoming baby…perfect excuse!

So I set to work…


…found some Cath Kidstonesque spottyness…

patches 4

And later that same day, a quilt top.

quilt top

Now I have to visit that dangerous shop at Wroxham Barns, the one that is full of gorgeous irrisistible fabrics that I can’t possibly need, but really, really want, to buy wadding to finish off the quilting bit, so watch this space…


4 Responses

  1. Please may I have an advance on my inheritance — I need some of those fabrics for my blog:-)

  2. That really is a gorgeous quilt …. lucky baby !
    Why do you feel that you NEED fabric before you buy any ? I ‘m on a single-handed mission to keep the trade in printed cotton alive . Someone must .

  3. HA! I know that shop! Not a hope of getting out unscathed! ! FANTASTIC quilt! The parents will be delighted! t.x

  4. Penny,

    I can’t believe you did all that sewing in one day! And managed to make it look fabulous. Lucky baby is what I say !

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