A Spot of Nostalgia

Flying SaucersFirstly, when did you last see a flying saucer?  Well it’s been a while for me too, so when I spotted them in Holt on Sunday I just had to get us one each.  Why were they so lovely?  I can still remember nagging for them in the the little shop next door when we lived in Somerset. We moved away when I was four! Now they are just damp paper which puts your teeth on edge with a slightly explosive finish.  Still, tastes change.  If they didn’t, I wouldn’t enjoy a nice glass of chilled white wine and a dish of olives the way I do now I’m a grown-up.

The real nostalgia came with a trip to the Little Vintage Lover Fair on Sunday.  I found out about it from one of my favourite blogs, Kitschen Pink. ( This just goes to prove that the hours I spend on the laptop reading about other people’s lives are not entirely wasted) 

It was a lovely way to spend a sunny sunday morning in August.  A drive into the heart of the Norfolk countryside to the beautiful little village of Heydon, where the village hall was a early 20th century army hut, a perfect meeting place for a crowd of vintage lovers!Heydon Village Hall

There were stalls both inside  and outside the hall –  thank goodness for a sunny day!

Little Vnitage Lover's Fair 2Little Vnitage Lover's FairVillage Hall

It was here I met not only Kitschen Pink, but also Mrs Bobobun and Faded Splendour and saw all sorts of lovely things I would have bought if only I could throw out another wing on my little house!  (Visit these blogs for lots more photos of all the tempting bits and pieces.)

Meeting them adds a whole new dimention to blog surfing! felt flowers

And I did buy this, it’s very small, but perfectly formed …!

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