A nice cup of tea…

A few years ago I carried about a little book in which I made notes about all the lovely things I had seen that I would really, really like to own. ( They were mostly culled from the Emporium pages of Country Living if I remember rightly!) Although the book has taken itself off to the ‘safe place’ where most of my things go, never to see the light of day again – it really is a VERY safe place – I do remember that one of my aspirations was to own a piece of Gabriella Miller pottery.and now I do…!

Lunch with Jen today, who knowing me so well, had cleverly chosen the perfect present. Which can be a vase…

..or revive me with a nice cup of mint tea.

Mint tea

4 Responses

  1. Beautiful xx

  2. Hi Penny, Thank you for visiting my blog and how lovely for me to discover you! I’ve had a lovely time reading through your older posts and I’m sure I’ll be a regular visitor.

  3. Gorgeous gift! I love this mug, what a wonderful gift! I went to your link to Gabriella Miller, hoping to buy a piece, but she’s a bit mysterious with her outlets! Will get to the bottom of that mystery!
    Your photos are beautiful, and your flowers! Stunning!
    Have just been admiring your quilt too, gorgeous!
    What a lovely blog you have.
    Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

  4. Mutual Appreciation Society – I love your blog too! If you get stuck finding an outlet for the Gabriella Miller pieces let me know and I can always send it to you. Have a good weekend with the family,

    Penny xx

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