The Finished Article

Before I can make further inroads into the textile mountain I have to finish what I started last week, the baby quilt.   I braved the temptations of Sew Creative at Wroxham Barns for the wadding and despite my best intentions bought some  backing fabric even though I had plenty at home.  It was just SO right!back

This is always the more fiddly bit of quilt making, where I usually put it away for another day, but now there is a baby waiting!  Once the quilt is finished, doing the edging is a nice peaceful hand sewing job in front of the television.

And it’s all finished and ready to wrap.

Quite a performance, I hope it’s worthy of an Oscar…

I do hope Oscar likes it!

4 Responses

  1. Oh, how lovely! Feeling quite broody now!

  2. A beautiful job , very well done ! Of course , the pretty mugs of something herbal must have helped and I’m sure that flying saucer made a difference ! I feel the same about sugar mice and those knicker-pink shrimp things .

    • Sugar mice! I remember being appalled a few years ago when I tried to find them at Christmas and someone had BANNED the string tails!!! That’s the tastiest bit!

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