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  Some years ago I had five hens, and it was lovely finding fresh warm eggs every day.  But they weren’t young when I had them (can you have second hand hens? If so, that’s what these were)  and one by one they keeled over and died till there was just the one, Tilly.    With just me and Henry the cat to boss about Tilly would bustle round the garden helping with the weeding.  Eventually she too passed on to that big hen house in the sky and I decided I was just too soppy to cope with animal husbandry. Earlier  this year however I found myself looking rather longingly at a very elegant hen house, and was about start practicing my wheedling voice. Then overnight  the young couple on the small holding down the road filled a field with hundreds of smart red hens and erected a little roadside stall. The hens keep this well stocked with  eggs of all sizes, including humungous double yolkers which must make their eyes water, thereby furnishing Tim with the perfect riposte should I start that wheedling I mentioned! Not only is it not that far to walk to buy new laid eggs, I get a big welcome from the girls when I do it!


I have to admit to being completely useless in the garden this year.  I don’t know quite what happened but I can probably blame a long  saga around my long suffering mother, new knees and NHS inefficiency.  Anyway, I probably wasn’t around at the crucial time in the spring, and then BOING it had sprung and I rather missed the boat.  However, despite the chaos reigning in my little vegetable patch, you can’t hold back nature, and I am managing to harvest the odd vegetable edible.

So, from this…

…to this…

And from this…

…to this, with a little help from  the girls down the road!

3 Responses

  1. How lovely to be able to get your eggs like that and see all those hens together although I confess I am rather fond of my four “girls”.

  2. Fresh , fresh eggs and homegrown tomatoes . Bliss !
    Our tomatoes are green as grass still . At this rate , I might even be reduced to making chutney .

    • These tomatoes are inexplicable. I bought 2 hanging baskets of allegedly cherry tomatoes and all the leaves promptly fell off. They looked so awful I unhung them and hid them in a place where they accidently got watered by the shed roof. And look what happened! And they are huge! Other years there’s been Tomarite(?) and cosseting and pinching and watering -and splitting and blossom-end rot and endless greeness, it’s all a mystery! Have you tried the brown paper bag in a drawer trick? That works quite well with green tomatoes.Good luck with yours!

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