All Bobbled out!


Last night saw the monthly meeting of the Knit and Stitch group that I started in our village.  There was quite a debate at its inception as to whether we could advertise a ‘Stitch and Bitch‘ group in the parish magazine.  In the end it was decided that it might, just possibly, cause a fit of the vapours amongst those of a nervous disposition.  We are very delicate here in Norfolk!  Still, it hasn’t stopped us all having a very jolly evening once a month with wine, tea, coffee,  gossip and laughter and even the odd stitch or two.   Although the basis for the group is that we use stitches of all persuasions –  knitting, crochet, needlepoint, crosstitch et al., we are currently working on a joint project making squares for a comfort blanket ahead of the Macmillan Coffee Morning at the end of September.  There are a variety of patterns from well known knitwear designers to be downloaded from the website and I happily started on the first of those, a rather lovely Debbie Bliss cabled square. 

Debbie Bliss

I have to report it’s complete unsuitabilty for  knitting  in company, especially with a nice glass of wine in the mix!  It is completely impossible to sit there muttering “Purl seven knit fifteen cable three back knit four make bobble knit two…. OH, *?!^$!*!!!? where was I?…” while every one else is chatting and having fun.  Carol sensibly opted for a straight moss stitch which looked great, and she didn’t rip it out once!  I got up this morning, made a cuppa and finished it in an hour.  I’ve now passed the pattern on to my mother, it may be the only Debbie Bliss one I make, the Martin Storey square looks quite relaxing!

Martin Storey Square

Although this colour really doesn’t do it for me!  To be continued… 

3 Responses

  1. I’m always so admiring of those who can knit cables and intentional holes . Mind you , I can do moss stitch and think your friend made a wise choice . Hope you show us the completed blanket , when it’s finished .

  2. Just reread my comment above ….. once completed , the blanket would be finished , wouldn’t it .

  3. I’m halfway through knitting that Debbie Bliss square… for the second time! The size was all wrong for me when I started it and I had to alter the pattern!

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