Jamming Session

Plum blossom

Some years ago I received a  wild plum tree from Country Living magazine which we planted at the edge of the garden.  I’ve always loved the delicate blossoms of the sloe trees which froth along the road sides in early spring, and I  thought that wild plums were sloes,  only really useable in sloe gin, being small and rather bitter.  It was quite a surprise to find that my little tree had produced beautiful sweet miniature plums.

Even more surprising was being able to harvest two and a half pounds of them. 

Since Tim is away at work , I  felt that eating  that many  plums single handedly might have a slightly problematic effect, and I didn’t want them  to end up as a UFO (unidentified frozen object to you organised people out there who never create them) at the bottom of my freezer.  Jam is the answer… I had a sweet and sweaty session in the kitchen with David Tennant (Oh, all right, it was a rerun of Doctor Who – a girl can dream can’t she?) while testing and retesting for that scarily elusive setting point.  Eureka!  That’s it, and the jam is in the jars. 

One for Tim and me, and one each for Thomas, Will, and Aimee.  Now, where’s the toaster….?

2 Responses

  1. I had a session making plum jam last week… my neighbour’s tree overhangs my garden! I ended up reboiling it because it didn’t set first time. I’ve never had that problem before especially with plums which set so easily!

  2. Very pretty jam ! Everyone will be delighted .

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