Too much information!

I’ve been away on holiday and I packed my bag and in it I put, my camera, spare batteries, two memory cards, a video camera, a card reader, my laptop, a note book…because I have a blog, and everything I saw, I saw with an eye to recording it.  Every night I downloaded pictures onto the laptop to leave space for the following day’s happy snapping.

 Now I’m home, and I have hundreds and hundreds of photos showing that I’ve been to the seaside, I’ve visited a garden, I’ve climbed hills, I’ve been shopping in two countries, I’ve played with my grandsons, I’ve been out with the family, and I’ve had a wonderful time. 


So I’ve been baking.

I do love Nigella, she’s so completely out of touch with reality.  In her book How to be a Domestic Goddess she says,” I can’t understand why people don’t make brownies all the time, they are so easy and taste wonderful.”  I’ve just totted up the cost of the ingredients, £10.33.  Hmmm… I think I understand!  I’m taking this tray of brownies over to my daughter’s to find out if they really ARE wonderful, and promise to get my head round the photo mountain very soon…honestly!

2 Responses

  1. I make those brownies for special occasions but as for making them all the time… never mind the cost what about the waistlines!

  2. How much ? ! ! Still , think how popular you’re going to be !
    I took hundreds of photos too this summer when I was in England ….it’s fun to go through them at leisure , once I’m home . And you can’t have too many photos of grandsons . Mind you , I’m impressed by your taking two memory cards . You obviously photographed anything that moved ….and everything that didn’t .
    I look forward to seeing them .

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