Heading South

Our usual trips to visit the French branch of the family involve driving along featureless motorways packed with cars as we head towards the Channel Tunnel.  This time we decided it would be nice to actually see some of the south coast of England on the way and so booked a few nights in Hastings  at Cavalier  House. 

 Tim had left me with the Country Living Guide book so I had drawn up a short list of interesting places to go, only thirty four of them!

Once we had left the nightmare that is the M25 we headed south on real roads, with scenery.  I have really fallen for East Sussex, a bit hilly, a bit windy (as in winding, not blowing) and lots of leafy green tunnels.  Very picturesque villages, roadside farm shops full of fruit,  and then as we approached Hastings, glimpses of the sea.  Our B & B located, we unloaded the luggage and set off into Hasting Old Town to explore.  Just a few steps from Cavalier House was George  Street, hung with bunting and with the tables and chairs of small bars and restaurants spilling out on to the pedestrianised street.  Very European, very inviting!

We filled in the time before an evening meal with a spot of window shopping…

I would have quite liked to have taken this vintage sign home, along with this tea set…

If I couldn’t have the tea set, I did have a wonderful pot of fresh mint tea at the end of our meal at Latham’s Brasserie, and, to the music of the seagulls(?) we wandered back for a good nights sleep.  My plan for the following day?  Top of that list of thirty four places of interest was Great Dixter…but that’s for another post.

6 Responses

  1. What a lovely place Hastings seems to be! One could almost imagine oneself living there!

    Great photos Penny, looking forward to seeing the rest!

  2. Celia, if you go and live in Hastings then I will too.

    That cavalier House B&B looks nice.

    In the street view, who’s that handsome chap striding ahead, I wonder?

    Give Higgins a pat on the head from us all.

  3. I used to go to Hastings with my grandparents when I was small . I loved the Shove-Halfpenny machines , the Laughing Policeman and the seafood stalls . Your Hastings looked more upmarket but just as appealing ! I must try to go back .

  4. Lovely choice of photos, Penny. Can’t wait to go shopping in those little streets and see all those goodies.
    Geraldine, I never went to Hastings when I was little but did go quite often to Southport where they also had a Laughing Policeman. You’ve just brought memories back of happy days paddling in the sea and spending a few pennies at the amusement grounds. I was always fascinated but also a little scared of this policeman and would generally hurry off to have a go on my favourite attraction, the helter skelter.
    Thanks for bringing back those memories.

    • I remember my sister thinking the laughing policeman at Great Yarmouth fun fair being the funniest thing in the world, but my stepson Noel was petrified of it!

  5. […] along the coast from Hastings is Bexhill-on-Sea, with a charmingly unspoilt sea front, no fun fair, amusement arcades, fish and […]

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