A dog of very little taste…

Now I know that you will look at this and say that anyone who wears pink crocs has no taste anyway, but really….

…I dragged Tim and Thomas and Celia round most of Rouen looking for a dog bed that was aesthetically pleasing.  Turning down brown paw prints and zebra stripes,  pink nylon and cartoon doggies and finally getting these rather smart checks for a smart little dog.  Three sleepless nights later, Tim, Higgins and I are in ‘Pets At Home’ looking for a water bowl into which Higgins couldn’t put all his bedding at three in the morning.  Tim called Higgins and me over to the bedding display.  “I know you don’t like them but…” and held out a sqidgy, soft, baby blue, fur fabric, Paris Hilton inspired (probably), overpriced dog bed .  I showed it to Higgins who crawled out my arms and into the bed, heaved a big sigh and went straight to sleep.  I had to walk round the store carrying him on the bed like a page with a glass slipper until we got to the check out where the assistant asked where to look for the bar code.

And he’s been there, mostly, ever since. Probably getting his strength up for tonight’s yodelling recital.  He was far to tired to go for a walk down the garden…

Although he was sorry about that.

So, another day has passed, and still no opportunity to fill my blog with colour and erudite observations.  If I have another sleepless night I will only manage gibberish…But, just to keep my spirits up, here are some of the flowers Higgins hasn’t eaten, yet.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m soooo tired!

5 Responses

  1. Higgins has shown a very sensible attitude to choosing a bed . Comfort before taste ….a bit like my choice of footwear these days ! I hope he settles tonight ! Perhaps the blue fake fur will remind him of his mother ? …make him feel really at home ? Good luck !

  2. Higgins’ bed looks a perfect choice for him… very snuggly and warm. That is if you really want the opinion of someone currently wearing old red crocs?

  3. Mustn’t look at pooch!
    M U S T N O T L O O K A T . . . . .

    Aaaaaaaaaaagh ! ! !

    Am falling under his spell ! ! ! ! ! !! ! ! !!

    (I think the flock of exclamations is valid.)

  4. The lying on back position is a favourite of Douglas’s! Higgin’s making his mark hey?!!!! Dachsies are so charismatic, they fill your life, in a very wonderful way. Higgin’s is so tiny, so sweet, and I can tell, so full of character!
    Love Vanessa xxx

  5. […] his own bed, but when it came to buying a second one to cover those damp moments when the the blue one is in the wash, I wasn’t expecting […]

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