It’s all in the lighting…

01Celia’s parents had kindly invited us for a meal and Grand-mère Auzou seemed to have the perfect little nibble for an after dinner treat.

  So why was it so important to have photograph it as well?  The blogger’s curse!

There was an awful lot of this…

…and it came to this…

before we got this…


But they were a delectable end to a delicious meal.  Thank you Rose and Hubert!

(It really is all in the lighting!)


4 Responses

  1. Thank YOU for bringing such a scrumptious end to our meal. And the lantern has made a lot of my friends soo jealous. Merci Penny.
    As we’re on the subject of knitting ( ok I know we’re not, but couldn’t find an intro), here is a little something which might titillate your knitting friends.

    It’s a song by the one and only Belgian born Jacques Brel. He who wrote Ne me Quitte Pas sung by Nina Simone if you remember and also The man From la Mancha.
    Anyway, hope it makes you smile (it’s handily subtitled in English)

  2. Yes , the need to have a photograph of any likely-to-be-blogged event can hold up proceedings sometimes , can’t it ! But everyone’s self restraint when faced with such a delectable boxful is impressive . Not one sneaky nibble !

  3. Thank you Penny ! What a delight to scroll down and come upon lovely lovely familiar faces ! And I’m not talking about the macaroons !

  4. […] going shopping for food colouring as soon as possible because these are just taking me back to the macaroon shop in Rouen and I never imagined it was such a simple […]

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