The Great Outdoors

Nearly a month has elapsed since the black and tan bundle of trouble we know as Higgins burst into our lives and changed them completely.  He has galloped frenetically through, pursued by cries of ‘Aaaaah, cute’ by all who have seen him and by me with a mop and bucket… But the time had come to introduce our pampered pooch to the big wide world…

So we went to the seaside.

It’s not easy when you are very small…

..but I think we’re getting the hang of it!

7 Responses

  1. Still very cute!

  2. Higgins, that expression is all knowing, a “I’ve got you wrapped round my little paw” expression. Higgin’s you can wrap me round your little paw any time, you’re a little gorgeous beauty. And Higgins, what did you make of all that sand?!
    Love Vanessa xxx

  3. I’ll join the chorus… ‘Aaaaah, cute’

    Higgins has beautiful paws 🙂


  4. Higgins the Brave !
    Which would take longer , do you think ….. training him to pee outside or teaching him to handle a mop and bucket ?

  5. Haha, very cute indeed! I think I prefer potty training to puppy training though! Higgins – I have a feeling I’m supposed to think of My Fair Lady but I keep getting Magnum P I’s sidekick in my head!

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