The book’s in the post…

 Doing my research for ‘All Booked Up’ I came across the idea of a Mailing Journal in the book ‘Making Books and Journals’ by Constance E Richards.  I do try to put my own spin on the ideas I get from other sources, but I lifted this idea straight off the page just to see how well it works.  It makes me feel I’ll never buy another pack of ‘notelets’ again!  It can be as lengthy or as succinct as you make it, as colourful or simple as you like, and designed especially for the recipient. I do have a tendency to buy beautiful wrapping paper which I then can’t bear to see torn off and discarded  so this was a good use for this fabulous double sided piece.

I’m still digging round in the button box…

…and finding more in my wrapping paper stash.

Today I must remove my book hat,  replace it with a felt one and get ready for a weekend of making…Felt Hats!  I’m off to Broadland Art Centre, as a student this time, for two days with Ewa Kuniczak, felt maker extraordinaire.

3 Responses

  1. Enjoy your weekend. I had a lovely w/e with Ewa about ten years ago and made the most outrageous hat.

  2. This looks interesting !

  3. I was the lucky recipient of Penny’s ‘book-in-the-post’. It was a really delightful page turner with something thoughtful or jolly on each page – a real pleasure.
    Can’t wait for ‘All Booked Up’ where I shall be Penny’s side-kick. She’a great tutor with a wonderful take on the decorative and the delightful. I’ve got one or two projects in the pipeline too!

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