Getting ahead with a hat…

Absolute bliss this weekend to creep off and leave the boys and spend two days having fun!  Ewa always turns up with yet another cunning plan to make felt making slightly less hard work and I’m all for that.  I’ve always felt slightly scared about making hats because of hat blocks and steaming and all the things you see in the more intimidating manuals.  It’s a big outlay if you turn out to be rubbish or you only have one hat in you. 


By the end of the first day of measuring and drawing, deciding on the colour schemes and laying out the fleece, we ended the day with each studio table holding a large amorphous shape of soggy wool, covered in plastic.  It was hard to imagine that any of them could posibly be transformed into any sort of head wear.

That’s what I love about felt making though, the magical transformation from a wet sheep to something with form and structure, colour and substance.  Wool absorbs dye so well, the colours are intense and saturated, a visual feast.

I was pretty pleased with my hat, just the thing to wear on Planet Penny…

…now… a hat block…I’m just off to Ebay!

8 Responses

  1. Very , very stylish ! Lovely colours and such a pretty flowery adornment . I think you should make a couple more !

  2. “the magical transformation from a wet sheep ”

    What a great description!

    Very sweet hat , and it really suits ewe : )

  3. Penny, it’s gorgeous. And it looks great on you. Just the thing to cheer up an autumn outfit on a cold, misty day. Well done.

  4. Oh ! I’ve got to try this !

    Very stylish, by the way !

  5. I’m going to be really boring and say I would never actually DARE wear this in public, and I have nothing to match it! I have a much more daring alter ego…

  6. Your hat is stunning. Absolutely love it!

  7. What a fabulous hat! Could you make a blokes version — a flat cap in shades of stormy blue? Please. I’ll give you a kitkat.

  8. I’m delighted that everyone’s hats were such a success – quite spectacular!!!!!

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