Just coasting…

I had fully intended to write a post about the Norfolk coast. It’s wild beauty…

The majestic skies…

..the loneliness…

But instead it just seems to be…

About cute puppies…


10 Responses

  1. You don’t have to tell Higgins anything about wild beauty or magestic skies . This is a puppy with Soul . Just look at the eyes …. after you’ve stopped giggling at the windswept ears .

  2. Hahaha! This was a lovely start to my morning!

  3. Yes, it’s the ears that do it – aaaaaahhhh!

    … and those paws and wrinkled ‘socks’ too 🙂


  4. If your blog was only ever about Higgin’s I’d be blissfully happy! He’s so comical! And very photogenic. He’d win the category ‘most photogenic puppy’ if there was one in a dog show. Love your felt hat! So dramatic, and utterly fab. And your old flapper figure is fantastic. Wow! It looks like you’ve been well and truly bitten by the felting bug. Wonderful!
    Love Vanessa xxx

  5. Please ! Let’s have more of Norfolk ! I know nothing of the place except it’s flat?! Is it Swallows and Amazons country? Oh and Bernard Matthews turkeys! Is there a Norfolk flat cake with currants or am I making it up now?
    If I think hard enough about something all sorts of ideas come into my mind which I start to believe, which can be nice sometimes!
    Hilary xx

    • Rumours of Norfolks flatness are greatly exaggerated! Parts of it are undulating! We have Norfolk Dumplings, and Norfolk Shortcake which does indeed have currants and is flattish. I will have to do a Norfolk post very soon, Px

  6. ickle bickle hasa bana!! xx

  7. OH MY LORDY! How is that sweet pooch going to ever make it up that sandy hill? (I mean, from his perspective it must look like the insurmountable Mt Washing in my laundry).

  8. ahh we love Higgins 🙂

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