A little visitor…

I love the idea of having a hedgehog in the garden helping out with the slug problem, but not now as the clocks are about to go back.  I was very surprised to look up from the computer screen and see a small brown shape making it’s way across the front lawn.  I rushed out with my camera and it seemed happy to pose amongst the fallen cherry leaves while I snapped away, realising as I did so it was far to small to survive the winter.


Happily I remembered a hedgehog-themed conversation with a neighbour along the lane who rescues them, so having upended a plastic bucket over it I rushed in to telephone her.  Ten minutes later, it was calmly sitting in her hands prior to going off for a meal of cat food.  Having established, with delight, it was a female – apparently 80% of rescued hedgehogs are male – she was duly named Cherry, what else?

To my delight, I find that it is not considered ridiculous to knit things for hedgehogs ( I have had a few rather sarcastic questions about what sort of sweater I will be knitting for Higgins) as poorly or undernourished hedgehogs need little blankets to snuggle up in. So, another  project to put on the list, a woolly blanket for Cherry.  I wonder if she likes pink?

5 Responses

  1. Any of those lovely wools you dyed would suit her to a T. But soft pink would be both flattering and restful .
    Besides , knitting a snuggly blanket for a hedgehog doesn’t sound any odder than knitting a tank top for a penguin . And I seem to remember Smitonius doing that .

  2. Hi Penny,
    How lovely to find a hedgehog in the garden and know that someone is going to able to care for it.
    Does this caring neighbour look after them during the hibernating months and then let them go in spring? Does she then sprinkle them around neighbours gardens ?
    Do you know, I’ve never seen a hedgehog in our garden. Not once!
    Could I adopt one in spring?
    rose (belle-mère mafia)

  3. What is it with you and animals?

    🙂 Cute little lady. I’m glad Henry wasn’t there.

  4. i love cherry! can we keep her!!! her middle name can be Eliza xx

  5. Very cute! I miss British wildlife – we do get hedgehogs here but the poison they put down for the rabbits kills them 😦

    I don’t think Cherry would mind what colour blanket you knitted her – aren’t hedgehogs colour blind?

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