A Colour Infusion

I try so hard this time of the year to convince myself I like autumn.  I look at all the beautiful photographs in Country Living of autumn leaves, and snuggly coats and interesting things to do with sweet chestnuts.  I read articles about the joys of crisp mornings and hot chocolate by a roaring fire and, while I like all these things, nothing can make up for the shortening of the days, and the prospect of the colour gradually leeching out of the surroundings as winter approaches.

Today has been glorious and I took the camera out to capture the last few flashes of colour in the garden


So while it’s sunny outside I make the most of the colour left in the year, and when the weather turns, I, and my studio assistants, Henry…

…and Higgins…

…(Oh dear, you can’t get the staff!)… get stuck into the dye bath and making our own colourful landscape.  Using the microwave has been a revelation as far as dyeing is concerned.  I’ve never really used it it much in the kitchen apart from defrosting things, heating up my wheat bag and exploding custard (don’t ask).


Using the Easifix dyes I’ve been able to work out a foolproof method of mixing the dyes, getting reliable results and not ending up with multicoloured hands and splashes all over the walls. I had the most wonderful time experimenting with mixing the powders and the amounts and have been really excited by the variety of hues possible just using the four shades, Turquoise, Golden Yellow, Ultramarine and Magenta. I have been so organised! colour swatches

…and now I have a whole gardenful of beautiful yarn to play with…

If I never made anything with all these gorgeous colours I would happily sit and look at them, but I do have a project in mind…


11 Responses

  1. Your photos of yarn and inspirations from the garden could have jumped straight off the pages of CL!

    I love that basket of yarn – I want to steal it away and start knitting by a snuggly fire.

    And hurrah for studio assistants! what would we do without them?

    Celia (H)

  2. I’m loving all those colourful yarns… absolutely gorgeous!

  3. A Joseph coat/ cardi ? Or a wavy crochet blanket ? Or something completely different .
    Whatever it is , in these gorgeous colours it will be beautiful !

  4. It’s nice to see lop-sided old Henry getting a look in. And he’s more colourful than the other one too.

    I love autumn, but I also like winter, so I’m not so bothered by the days closing in. Winter colours are harder to see though they’re still there. But you know this:)

  5. Oh WOW! How clever, how wonderful! This post has got me very excited! So did you start with balls of white yarn? What yarn did you use, and where did you buy your dyes? Sorry, lots of questions, but it looks so interesting, and the results are splendid! Would love to know more about the whole process. Higgins come out now, and face the camera you little monkey! Love Vanessa xxx

    • Thanks for that Vanessa. I’ve been thinking about doing a tutorial about this whole process because it’s so easy and exciting. Your comment has persuaded me!

  6. I’d be very interested to know the process, too! Great pictures!

  7. I live a couple of doors down from Amy and cannot wait to meet you! Your eye is so acute, and I want to pick your brain about dyeing, too 🙂

    • Hello, thanks for dropping by on the blog. would be great to meet, maybe at ‘The Dog’ sometime? I’m working on a tutorial about the dyeing at the moment as I’m using a method I have learnt from someone else to which I’m adding my own experiences so it’s a bit experimental.

  8. […] Having confessed to having such a butterfly mind even making two matching socks challenges my boredom threshold you will not be surprised to hear that I have struggled to complete one of my latest projects.  I am comforted to know I am not alone in this lack of application, I recently heard someone confessing to never sewing up her knitted creations, she found sewing the knitted pieces together so boring she always got her mother to do it. I’m not that bad, although I have every sympathy with her.   This being said it was probably asking for trouble deciding to make a Sophie Digence inspired scarf from my basket of hand dyed wool. […]

  9. […] little cardigan and bag are crocheted with Blue-faced Leicester wool left over from my hand dyed wool/scarf project, and the skirt is from the stash of fabrics accumulated during my recent ‘Polka […]

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