If winter comes…

Soggy.  Dark.  Windy.  It’s the first day of November.  But I found these in the garden!  A line of poetry has been running through my head,

‘…if Winter comes can Spring be far behind?’

 Thanks to the wonders of the internet I found it’s from ‘Ode to the West Wind’  by Shelley.  Thank you Percy, those words are going to keep me going for the next few months!

3 Responses

  1. Gosh those roses are extraordinarily beautiful, they made me gasp!!!!
    beautiful pics…not sure if i’ve visited with you before Penny, but I am loving your photos!
    Love to you

  2. No , but it will seem like it sometimes !
    I should imagine Norfolk’s rather beautiful in the winter and there’s always the option of digging in with all that wool and just sending Higgins out with a sledge for essential supplies .

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