It’s been raining…

…quite a bit.  This time last year I would have been happy to turn my back on the weather and find things to distract me indoors, but that was before I was a dog owner. So while I was happy to park myself on the sofa with a DVD  (‘Batman Begins’ – I’ve never seen it – very good) and my latest woolly project (cue tantalizing glimpse…can you tell what it is yet?)…

…I was very aware that I had a small energetic bundle of fun to tire out before bedtime. In the middle of the afternoon the room was filled with that lovely golden light that comes when half the sky is a clear washed blue and the other half is inky with passing rain..

…so it was time to press the pause button and put on the wellies.  Poor Higgins, it’s  bit rough only being three inches off the ground when the puddles are four inches deep!  As it is the house training takes three steps forward and two back every rainy day.  I wonder if you can get umbrellas for dachshunds?

We compromised by splashing down the road and walking back through the grass at the edge of the field to wash the mud off Higgins’ tum.

Although it didn’t go entirely to plan…

Once we got home all that was required was a warm dry towel…

…and a nice cup of liquorice tea…

12 Responses

  1. hi penny
    re your woolly project – have you been following vanessa’s doyoumindifiknit or am i barking up the wrong tree?!!!

    • Well spotted! I actually saw the scarves that inspired Vanessa at the Selvedge stand at the Knit and Stitch Show last year and have been mulling it over ever since. Vanessa’s gorgeous version got me going. Mine’s in 4 ply though and it’s taking ages!

  2. A woolly yo-yo quilt ?
    As for Higgins ….welly boots may be the answer .
    What I do know is that I seriously covet your tea set , though I might pass on the liquorice tea . Green Jasmine , on the other hand …..

  3. Higgins is very sweet indeedy. Strangely I hadn’t factored in dachshund puddle issues ’til now.

  4. A multiple button warmer/keeper?

  5. Lovely lovely tea set 🙂

    Dear little Higgins, what adventure you’ve taken him on! “Per undas, per agros” as it said on the badge on my school blazer.

    I was inspired by Vanessa’s scarf too – now itching to do a second one!

    Sunny today!
    Celia (H)

  6. Oh wonderful! I’m so excited to see your scarf Penny! Incredibly excited! It looks fab!
    Crochet and Higgins, that’s the perfect combo for me!
    Love Vanessa xxx

  7. As the proud supplier of the tea set, I’m pleased to see it being used.

    Wow, it really has rained a lot, hasn’t it. You should get Higgins a small canoe. Or just use one of Tim’s crocks.

  8. Your pictures of the Norfolk countryside are very evocative, Penny. It nearly makes one like the rain (well, nearly).

  9. I’ve just noticed Higgins has one body part that is not perfect, he has Fat Ankles!

    Actually, it only makes him cuter!

    Oh yes, and lovely tea set too 😉

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