The Sheep Dog

I suppose when you’re only pocket size…

A whole herd of sheep…

…is a bit of an undertaking.  So much better to wait until they have been reduced to a managable size…

and then round them all up.

Normal service will be resumed…eventually …

10 Responses

  1. Oh dear Penny! Did Higgins really do that all by himself?

    I’m sorry but I can’t help laughing… but then it’s not my beautiful hand dyed yarn…

    He’s only little, I’m sure he thought you’d be pleased 😉


    • A completely single handed (pawed?) mission. I took me 5 hours to sort it all out, which has put creativity on hold a trifle! Px

  2. Oooops . But they’re definitely tossed about with artistic flair ! And at least he didn’t pee in your pocket !

  3. I laughed out loud! Sorry!

  4. He’s got a lovely eye for colour combinations though! Hehe!

  5. He reminds me of a certain cat…

  6. I always say to Hugo, “It’s a good thing Ellie and Douglas are so cute, otherwise it would be mush more difficult to forgive them for what they’ve just done!”
    It’s amazing what a pocket sized production can get up to, isn’t it?
    Gosh, it’s a good thing Higgins is so CUTE!
    Love Vanessa xxx

    • Now you see it just shows appearances can be deceptive because I always think Ellie and Douglas look so GOOD!

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