Woops, late again…!

I’ve been conspicuous by my absence so far this year and a m only slightly comforted by the fact that most of my favourite bloggers seem to be in much the same boat.  I had such good intentions too! 

So, an update.  Firstly, Higgins is just a little less of a dog this evening having gone to the vets to be modified today.  He is rather sleepy and subdued just now but we are assured in a day or so we’ll be struggling to stop him bouncing around while he recouperates.

 Thank you for all the guesses for the use of my mystery object in the last post. I have had a lovely time reading them.  I’m going to keep it running for a little while longer and see if I can find a couple of  prizes, one for the most accurate guess and another for the one that makes me laugh the most so do please keep them coming in.

My final excuse for being a little tardy with my posts is an eye sight problem so I spent this morning while Higgins was safely at the vet with the optician.  I’m hoping the amazing  space age super duper lens being flown in from Germanyin a week or so will do the trick. Judging by the price I should also have Xray vision and be able discover new planets without the aid of a telescope so seeing the computer screen clearly will be a doddle. 

Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible…

5 Responses

  1. Dear little Higgins! Hope he’s soon recovered.

    Super specs sound exciting!

    I’d stay in and snuggle up to higgins if I were you 😉

  2. Ah, poor Higgins. I do like his smart little dog cocoon – cosy and comforting. It looks as though he needs comfort food for digs. Does such a thing exist?

    I hope your eyes are OK – space age lenses sound intriguing! Hopefully your eyes will stay put and not have an urge to visit Jupiter.

  3. Awe – poor little Higgins! He looks so sweet! Do you think he knows? Better not tell him – he might ask you to use your new specs to see if you can find what he’s missing!!!

  4. Yes , I can see a new career in astronomy beckoning . Patrick Moore is an inspiration to us all .
    Higgins seems to be unimpressed by the thought at the moment but when you call one of your discoveries after him he’ll be happier .

  5. Oh Higgins, my little man! So you didn’t want any more Higgin’s then? Both ours are ‘done’ too, and it’s always amazing just how quickly they recover. No complaining either! Is that thing in your last post for reels of thread, or yarn, or crochet thread? So nice to see you back Penny, and dear Higgins too.
    Love Vanessa xxx

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