I Haven’t Gone Away…

…but I am on the verge of committing cameracide, if that is what you can call flinging one’s new camera on the floor and jumping on it.  I’ve given it two months now, I’ve printed out all 64 pages of the manual that came on CD – why couldn’t be in a handy handbag size book? I just can’t get the nice crisp photos I was getting with the old faithful Fuji, and I  don’t want to put fuzzy photos on my blog.  So the post I’ve been working on will have to wait until next week, after I have been back to the shop .  Please bear with me, I will be back.

I shall leave my guard dog keeping an eye on things…

4 Responses

  1. Even a fuzzy Higgins is better than no Higgins .

  2. Hello Higgers ! ! x x

  3. I was wandering around blogland, looking to make some new connections, and I came across this:


    actually there are zillions of them – I’m still there, can’t get out of quilting and sewing land! Anyway, I thought of you – with the sewing, not the wandering! Hope you’ve got your camera troubles sorted 🙂 Higgins is very commanding of the screen – a film star in the making!

    • Thanks for thinking of me! There are some very pretty things there, wish I had a tiny person to make little velour nappy pants for!

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