The Final Push

I’m sitting inside now trying to get warm having spent most of the day outside with Tim and Will doing the final clear out of the studio, store and shed.  I have Higgins stuffed up my jumper, fast asleep and snoring.  He makes a good hot water bottle.  He’s had an anxious day, confused by all the activity and  helpfully running backwards in front of anyone carrying a heavy box.  I have been trying hard to remain positive by painting pictures in my head about how good it’s all going to be when I’m in the new studio but I too tend to get anxious and fussy when confronted by confusion.   I’d quite like to be stuffed up a nice warm jumper to snore until it’s all over!

I’m stepping outside the bloggy thing of posting only loveliness to show the ‘before’ pictures, otherwise how will you appreciate the transformation? So this is ‘The Blue Shed’ in all it’s glory, the left hand side  Tim’s, and to the right  my little studio.  With insulation and electicity it was a cosy little place to work until I just outgrew it.  And last summer it looked pretty with window boxes and hanging baskets.  In the far corner is my little wooden store shed, which has been the source of much fear and trepidation this week as I cleared it out  because of the spiders!

Tomorrow the builders arrive, and the view from the back door will be very different by this time tomorrow.

P.S. I haven’t gone mad, I know I said I wasn’t doing photos, but the distance outdoor ones are fine, It’s the fuzzy close ups! Something else to sort out tomorrow…

P.P.S. Just discovered a drawback to having a dachshund up your jumper…wind, if you get my drift.  I’m getting the drift, it’s all escaping from the neck of my sweater…phew!

3 Responses

  1. Oh dear – poor you!

    Look forward to the next installment then! (Of the build, not the…)

  2. Good luck! Would you like a small cork for Higgins?

  3. Higgins, really ! Still , at least he’s not a St. Bernard .
    All this kerfuffle will be well worth it when you have all that space and can lay your hands on anything in a instant . Bliss .

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