The Right Buttons

Today I paid a visit to the London Camera Exchange with my Olympus camera.  I threw myself upon their mercy and I must say they were very kind.   I operate my camera the way I drive my car, I know I have to fuel it and I know how to drive it but I don’t do fine tuning under the bonnet.  I’ve never got my head around focal distances and ISO numbers and all the technicalities so I do need something idiot-proof because  I am as lost without a camera as I would be without a car.   It appears that the camera was set to such a low shutter speed I didn’t have a hope of getting a sharp image in close up.  So, suitable adjusted, the camera has come back with me for a week to see how I get on with it.  If I’m still not happy I can go back and change it so all is not lost.   It’s handy when you know which buttons to press…

Back home, my studio was dismantled and taken off to the other side of the village to start a new life, leaving a grubby bare space.

It really is a case of watch this space!

4 Responses

  1. Smitonius is always asking me “Now did you remember to turn the dial ? Press the big button / small button ? ” ( She knows my technical limits ) . Trouble is , if I run through all the possibilities , the potential photo has long gone .
    I want something to point and shoot .

  2. Could have sworn I commented already but I think I just ogled the buttons and left! Love buttons!

    What colour will your new work centre be..or do I have to wait and see? Quite exciting this waiting for someone else’s space to be filled!

  3. I’ve got Hugo to look at the technical side of my camera, very useful! So exciting about your new studio! I’m going to enjoy watching it’s development. Love Vanessa xxx

  4. How exciting Penny ! Yes, we wait with baited breath, you lucky old thing. It looks like the weather is playing ball so that’s something ! Hilary.

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