The Fairy of Sensible Shoes

Pink Tulips - because I need them!

Creativity has been a bit thin on the ground lately what with all the clearing out and packing that’s been going on.  However I have turned up one or two bits and pieces you might like to see, and I thought a couple of ‘before’ pictures might be good so we can all be amazed at the eventual transformations.

I’m hopeless at dates, and the years rush past so quickly I can’t be positive about how long I  had my  studio.  I was certainly using it  before I went off to art college as a mature student so it must be around ten years.  In that time the prevailing wind off the big field behind it  ripped the roofing felt off at least once, and the whole building comprising the studio and Tim’s adjoining shed  took on a drunken lean towards the house, making the doors ill-fitting and draughty.  As I progressed through college and got bigger ideas and more ‘stuff’ the studio got more and more full and eventually went from being a rather small studio to being a very big cupboard. 

You’re probably wondering where the Fairy comes in.  She turned up during the excavations – the pleistocene layer I believe – while sorting the studio.  About eighteen months ago I was staying with my mother while she recouperated from a knee operation, and the Fairy came into being when I was being creative with a limited supply of materials.

She started as a piece of embroidery, a short length of buff coloured linen and toning coton a broder thread, and grew from the need to give the embroidery a purpose. 

 Her body is calico, jointed with wooden beads and  her hair, Wendesleydale fleece. 

Her little socks were knitted with the remains of the lace weight Shetland wool with which my mother knitted a shawl for her first great grandchild.  And if you are going to wear socks, well, I’m afraid it’s Sensible Shoes.

As I usually work in colour it was a challenge  to use a  limited pallette and to forage for materials.  Now she’s going to preside over the kitchen while waiting for her new home to be built.  She’s already threatened me with several nasty spells if she ends up stuck in a scrap bag again and it’s far too cold for me to end up in a pond with a lot of other frogs.


7 Responses

  1. Penny she is absolutely beautiful. Her dress is a work of art and I’m afraid I love her sensibly shoes. She half inched them off Milly Molly Mandy!

  2. She’s wonderful ! And her name is …..?

    • It’s strange, I usually name my dolls,but she’s only ever been ‘The Fairy’ It would have to be something sensible…Bunty? That sounds the sort of person who would wear ankle socks with a posh frock…

  3. You may think I was lured here by the word “fairy” or the word “shoes” but I’ll have you know it was the word “sensible” which first caught my attention!

    Penny, your fairy is exquisite – and I for one am glad she is dressed in such plain colours, to show off the beautiful details all the more – and her hair, and the socks…and, well, the shoes…love every bit of her!

    I am a sensible shoe girl through and through but none of my shoes are so lovely as these!

  4. penny she is a treasure! no wonder she lay hidden! but really I think she needs to find a home where she can cast magic spells and make everyone happy! t.x

  5. She is far too beautiful to be hidden away!

  6. Penny ! Enchanting ! Fairy Nuff ! Hilary. x

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