Too Many Cameras…

…and not enough photos.  The camera saga continues…sorry, I’m sure it will be resolved, just not sure if it will be this side of sanity.  I haven’t been able to get to Norwich to the camera shop so I’m still snarling at the Olympus.  In the meantime Tim, who is in the middle of the North Sea,  has bought me a second hand Fuji on Ebay.  We resolved the fact that it came without the Smart Card because I still had an old one from a past camera lurking in a drawer, complete with old photos I had forgotten about.  I have managed a few reasonable pictures this afternoon, and in doing so discovered that   the new old camera’s rechargable battery needs to be charged for six hours  to do 10 minutes photography.  Talk about swimming through treacle…

However, onwards and upwards.  This is what I thought was just what I wanted in 1995…

It was my first attempt at ‘Folk Art’ painting, a little desk which belonged to my grandfather and destined for the scrap heap.  It’s been in my studio and is crying out for something for something more…restful …in the way of a paint job before it goes into the new studio.

And I have another doll. After I made the Fairy of Sensible Shoes I had to demonstrate how she was made to a class and so had another body tucked away in yet another box which surfaced in the clearout, naked and bald.  I spent a whole evening working on her hair.  I had some left over sock wool in brown, black and grey so I carefully cut all the grey sections out and painstakingly embedded each strand into her scalp with a felting needle. As I said, a whole evening.  How long for Higgins to do his own version of hairdressing?

Thirty seconds…

Some raging, tears and a good nights sleep later I tried again with a new head entirely, without rips, teethmarks and spit.  I abandoned the bandana and went for a miniature felt hat…

…with co-ordinating shoes…

I cheated with the socks, I now have a pair of gloves with the middle fingers missing!

Her little cardigan and bag are crocheted with Blue-faced Leicester wool left over from my hand dyed wool/scarf project, and the skirt is from the stash of fabrics accumulated during my recent ‘Polka Dot Period’ (any one can have a ‘Blue Period’), and here she is…

She sits on a VERY high shelf…


7 Responses

  1. By force of concentration Higgins will make the red shoed doll fall….

    isn’t it funny how stuff gets found and then you get side tracked?


  2. 1995! A lot has changed in 15 years. Higgins for one thing. Back then it was Spike, an eight foot lurcher whose ears were longer than Higgins’ entire body.

  3. It’s the little girl from The Wooden Tops ! Was she called Sally?! And they had the biggest spotty dog you ever did see ! ! Hilary x

  4. Red shoes !! Quite my favourite colour for footwear .
    Another beautiful doll , despite Higgins intervention . Actually the hat is one of his better ideas . He was just helping you , really , to choose the right outfit . Now she looks like Ruby Buttons .

  5. Awe – Higgins!

    Well, I have to say, she looks stunning in her little hat!

    The buttons and the trim and the bag and..and..and..I don’t think there’s a single thing I don’t like about her. Do you think there’s something of Gepetto about the whole process – making children in some way? Someone said that to me recently…

  6. Naughty Higgins! She is rather beautiful My camera is continuing to give me grief!

  7. I’m afraid I have had the most dreadful attack of envy whilst looking at your lovely things on your blog. … and I love sensible shoes.

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