What’s in a Name?

A while ago I came upon a new blog, County Living, with the appealing idea that there would be a draw from the first twenty people signing up as followers.  Well the blog looked as if it had potential, the prize was a pretty little Beswick preserve pot and I’m always game for a little flutter, despite my lack of luck with these things. 

A few days later I went back to the blog to see whether the draw had taken place, and yes, it had, and the lucky winner was Penelope.  Oh, gosh I thought, another Penny, you don’t see that many about, that’s nice.  I tried to look at the list of names of the people who had signed up to follow, but as luck would have it the link wasn’t working that evening.  Two days later I happened to be passing, the link was working and I checked through the list to find this Penelope and to see if she had a blog.  She has, it’s Planet Penny, the only Penelope on the list was me, as listed through Google.   I am so rarely Penelope that I didn’t recognise myself!

Oh dear… I realise that with this post and my last I am fast giving the impression I am completely batty.  I do sometimes feel I leave a trail of brain cells behind me wherever I go but I’m blaming the weather and feeling as if I’m going stir crazy for this latest lapse.  Roll on the Spring!

Anyway, Maria at Country Living kindly sent me the pot and it’s charming, and looks very pretty with my little plate.  Do go and have a look at Maria’s blog, she has some pretty things to sell.

I’m off to do some Brain Training!

3 Responses

  1. It’s lovely, Penny. I have a soft spot for nice ceramics on account of having trained as a ceramicist! When I retire I might buy a kiln and get back to it….

    Well Done you for winning it!

  2. Lucky you !! It’s gorgeous .
    Yellow is excellent therapy for end of winter fatigue …. certainly a yellow as rich as that .

  3. Very pretty pot Penelope!

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