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 Now I know I’m only having a studio built and I am not renovating a villa in Tuscany and Kevin Mcloud has no idea where I live (damn)but I’ve just realised I”ve talked a lot about the building works and haven’t really shown much of what has been going on.  I will spare you a picture of the mud.  We live next to a narrow country lane and large lorries delivering building stuff has made the area round our house a quagmire. (I love that word, so descriptive and just to add a little extra je ne sais quoi we have a tractor muck spreading in the adjacent field – we’d been blaming Higgins!)

Firstly this is the drawing from the plan:

The little bit at the end fits round the existing brick shed making a really good area in which to put shelves and storage. You can see that the building will not be entirely at my disposal, Tim is having a workshop at the end and we do need storage for bikes etc.  However, there will be an internal door between the studio and the store because the architect pointed out there was a chance I will need more space and I could then take over another room… (Tim is now trying to work out how he is going to keep me out of it,  it wasn’t my idea, but…)

The main light source is from Velux roof lights on the north facing pitch of the roof.

We’ve had to resign ourselves to losing a bit of the view, in fact once the fence came out we enjoyed a really good view of our neighbours garden but once the wall started being clad they got their privacy back.

It all started off under a tent to try and beat the bad weather although there were several hair raising moments when I thought the tent with both builders hanging on for dear life was going to sail off over the roof of our house and end up three miles away in the middle of a Norfolk Broad!

The weather is not being helpful, but at least its not snowing.  Meanwhile I am poised indoors with my boxes, longing to get inside and start working, but it will be a little while yet…

7 Responses

  1. Fantastic! I’ve been dying to see the progress and get an idea of your plans, fab!
    What a great space you’re going to have Penny, and yes, no question about it, you’ll be using that extra space, the store room. Storage for your stuff! I imagine that everyone who’s interested in your new studio, is harbouring a desire to have one built for them, I know that’s certainly the case with me, no secret there!
    Piccies of Higgins from your valentine’s post are so sweet. He is very grown up isn’t he? He oooozzzes character, what an expression. The great thing about Miniatures, is that they stay small and pick-upable, and very cuddlable. So glad Higgins is affectionate. Douglas is affectionate, Ellie not so, wonder if boy doggies are more affectionate? Love Vanessa xxx

    • Higgins is so confident that everybody loves him which on the whole is true, apart from Henry, our cat. He’s actually tolerating having a bouncy dog about very well, but does object to being ‘hoovered’ by Higgins, and has got quite a powerful right hook! Px

  2. It looks lovely and is obviously going to be sturdy , with plenty of light . Well worth all those cups of tea !

    • The electricians are in today as well so I have now graduated to a tea tray for all those cups, but as you say, well worth it! P x

  3. Hasn’t Tim suggested a door from his workshop into the store?

    Higgins is becoming quite a character – love his little outdoor jacket 🙂

    Funny how living in East Anglia is all about mud… or slub… or clag! Like Inuit we have more than one word for the stuff we walk around in.

    Hope great progress is being made this week. My studio is now so tidy I feel intimidated!


    • Heaven’s Celia, what are you thinking! Tim has already filled one room of the house with computer stuff and technical manuals!

      I lurch between being so messy I can’t find anything to being so tidy I can’t move in case I put something out of place. It’s hard to find a happy medium. P x

  4. Oh! sorry! it’s me, Magic Cochin – Cliff’s been using my ‘pooter to sign in to the village Oil Syndicate website!


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