Royal Arcade

Just a short post today. I wanted to share my photos of Norwich’s beautiful Art Nouveau Arcade.  I visited my hairdresser, and as I sat there with my hair covered in goo, knitting away, I realised what a lovely view it had of all the tiles in the upper part of the arcade.  Jon let me take a couple of shots out of the open window, on condition that I didn’t  let any pigeons fly in, or drop my camera on the head of an unsuspecting passerby.
Back on ground level …

Yet again it was a very cold day, so in the interests of not spending any more money, I didn’t dally in town.  By the time I got on the Park and Ride bus my hands were far too cold to carry on with my knitting…

…and in fact needed help with photographing it when I got home…

(Henry is more than a little peeved because Higgins, who had been hogging the fireside all morning while Henry was upstairs on our bed,  decide that the floor was a little hard and dragged his bed across the floor and pushed it up against the fireguard making quite sure there was no chance of Henry doing his usual bully boy thing and chasing him off the hearth rug.)

Talk about smug…

8 Responses

  1. Did Higgins really move his bed by himself? How cute! He’s allowed to look smug 🙂

    And Henry has intent in his eyes in that photo – if my studio assistants give me a look like that, they are about to pounce.

    Yet another reason to go exploring in Norwich, I didn’t know about the Arcade…


    • Yes, he did! We sat there with our mugs of tea half way to our lips watching with amazement as he backed across the room with the cover of the bed between his teeth dragging it to the fire. He just needed a little help at the end when he got tangled in the rug! Px

  2. The lanterns are lovely – think I actually like them more than the tiles! But no amount of design beauty can compete with two cute fluff balls!

    • I love the lanterns too, and they are a relatively new addition but designed to compliment the Art Nouveau style beautifully.

  3. And did he have the kettle on for you when you returned? ! I was always amazed at how my last dog, Ben could extract just the bits he wanted to eat from anything we offered him as a tidbit! No cutlery! No digits! My grandsons have just learned the ‘Kevin’ Ít’s so unfair” wriggle when presented with food that basically wasn’t McDonald’s.
    My town of St.Helens, since the ’60’s has removed most of the earlier beauty and replaced it with concrete. Unfortunate! Hilary x

    • My last dog, an enormous lurcher called Spike who had a mouth like a crocodile, could eat a bowl of leftovers and leave just a little pile of peas at the bottom, licked clean of gravy!

  4. Hi just found you through Vanessa’s blog. I very much admired your doll. Henry and Higgins are so cute!!
    Vivienne 🙂

  5. Hello Penny, what a lovely blog, I’ve just come here directly from Vanessa’s blog after meeting the adorable Lettice! Your sewing is beautiful.
    And I love the photos of the arcade in Norwich, at my sewing group the other night we were saying that’s it’s really time for a quick “excursion” to the UK beginning at Liberty’s in Regent Street – in our dreams of course, but Norwich will now be on the dream list of “places to visit”! Good luck with your renos, I am living in a 20 year project crumbling house (very happily I might add!) Take care and keep warm, it is way too warm here …

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