Something Pretty in the Post…

The trouble is with sitting here at the computer looking at my unfinished studio through the window  surrounded with boxes and things I can’t get at it is that it makes me very susceptible to gorgeous things that pop up on the internet.  Like an email from Cox and Cox…about their SALE…I mean, what’s a woman to do?  I’m very proud of the way I managed to buy so little…Look at THESE…

So cunningly packed too, with a little slot in the plastic to unreel the ribbons through so they don’t end up in a tangly heap.

…and while I was ooohing and aaahing about the clever little dispensing arrangement Tim pointed out the hanger on the back.  So Hard Luck, Higgins, I can hang it on the wall away from little dachshund teeth.  Perfect!

I also bought a badge making kit which could be fun.  The instructions look complicated but as it’s for 8+ I ought to be able to suss it out eventually…

…and –  just because – a little wooden dove…

The sun is shining this afternoon so I will save further ramblings for later posts, don fleece and wellies and get out into the garden.  Hope the sun shines for you this weekend…


2 Responses

  1. I’ve so wanted those ribbons for about two years, but can never justify buying them! I didn’t realise they’re in the sale. Oh dear, it’s going to be difficult to resist this one! Some lovely things you’ve got there, looking forward to seeing your badges! Love Vanessa xxx

  2. Take the short cut, Penelope and rope in an 8 year old ! Hilary.x

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