Getting Plastered

I hope that I’m coming to the end of posts with pictures of building works, it may be informative but they are hardly the most colourful things to decorate my blog.  I’ve been debating whether to put the latest ones on first and get them out of the way, or whether to save them till the end and start with prettiness.  I’m really failing on the creativity front at the moment, with all my stuff in boxes, so I’ve been making the most of the colour in the garden and elsewhere.

Tim is away at work again so I am back on dog walking duty, and with the bright sunshine it’s been good to take the camera along.  Bright sunshine, but still an iciness in the breeze so the walking has been brisk and photo opportunities taken speedily. I’ve just discovered that I have managed to delete the  photos of Higgins on today’s walk so if anyone is waiting for an aaah moment, sorry but no doubt another one will come along tomorrow.  He seems to have got the cute thing down to a fine art.

So, let’s get the exciting pictures of drying plaster out of the way.  Actually that sounds as if I’m not excited, and I am. With any luck the studio will be all but finished by next weekend. I had been hoping to be painting this weekend, but the weather hasn’t been helpful with drying out.

and, complete with builder…

..and, you can see my stable door!

Meanwhile, out in the garden…

..actually Higgins has managed to get in on the act…

..I found the first primrose…

…tiny cyclamen under the weeping willow tree…

Delicate blue crocuses …

Bold and brash, purple and gold…

…and blue and yellow.

Meanwhile, back indoors, the tulips are going all unneccessary.  Why do they do that?

 ..and down the lane there is lichen…

and moss and ferns…

Spring is definitely springing…


4 Responses

  1. Thanks Penny ! Hilary x

  2. Great progress being made on the studio front …. not long now till you’re hanging over that stable door with a coffee , enjoying the sun and even more flowers . Spring really is on its way , isn’t it !!

  3. Hi Penny
    I am sending you a little sunshine…please visit my blog for details. Your studio is really taking shape now..

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