Brain Ache

Why did I think it would be a good idea to coincide a new studio with a new look to my blog….?  I have no idea.  Despite involving a dedicated computer savvy brain in one country, and the artistic skills of an internationally known illustrator in another, I am still sitting at the computer whimpering faintly, ‘But I don’t understand….’  All I have managed (virtually unaided)  to do is to lose the pink background on my existing blog which I am quite happy about because I kept putting on photos of red things, and thinking ‘Yuk!’

Anyway, it will happen eventually, and when it does there will be a bloggy giveaway (and possible fireworks and cake) but in the meantime there will be whimpering….

So I am soothing my sore and itchy brain with more tulips…

and a  little domestic escapism…

I’m going shopping for food colouring as soon as possible because these are just taking me back to the macaroon shop in Rouen and I never imagined it was such a simple recipe…

There was also mint tea and hot buttered crumpets with honey but the battery ran out on the camera, and I had to eat them while it was hot…

I feel a little better now.


5 Responses

  1. Crumpets are a cure-all , failing that toast and Marmite is very cheering .
    Computers are the pits when something new is required . They’re unbribable , unfortunately , otherwise you could toast another crumpet .

  2. It takes hours and hours and hours doesn’t it, the blog design thing? But it will be worth it if you get what you’re after for the look of your blog. Hugo’s got a copy of that magazine, and I want to make those macaroons too! I’ve got some colouring left from my fairy cake days, but think some flavouring would be good too, especially for my waistline. The studio! It’s sooooo exciting! Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

  3. Beautiful tulips! Thanks you for cheering us up as well!

  4. Tea, crumpets with honey… a cure-all fix if ever there was one 😉

    Beware of honey on the keyboard… not nice!

    Lovely tulips!


  5. I am failing miserably at the blog thing just now…it’s so maddening at times (like when I get a whole post prepared and then somehow delete the pictures from my computer of the pc crashed and I lose it all or…etc)
    That’s life…

    Like the clean fresh look…can’t wait to see what the changes bring…nice to have a spruce every now and then…

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