Tutorial Blogs

I haven’t got round to doing tutorials myself – yet –  but these are links to blogs with easy-to-follow instructions for when I get the time!

One day, one day …



2 Responses

  1. Hello Penny, I’m having a mental blog blackout but reading yours has helped. I checked out psiquilt and I was delighted to find it had music to accompany it. I’d love to have that but haven’t a clue. Hastings and surrounding countryside is beautiful isn’t it?! It even has a bit of a nudist spot! Or so I’ve heard.
    ttfn, Hilary

    • Hi Hilary, nice to hear from you! I think I’m about to get a blog blackout due to a 9″ long black and tan puppy who cannot bear to be ignored for one second! We must be mad! A nudist beach? I feel an Ooooh, er, Missus moment coming on! Penny x

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