Growth Spurt

Over the last few days I’ve been watching a hyacinth growing…you can almost see it with the naked eye, but I recorded it more simply with daily photos…

It’s not the most floriferous hyacinth, nor the most colourful, but it’s scent is just as amazing as any of it’s more spectacular cousins and it’s filling the ground floor of the house with the smell of Spring.

Meanwhile, in the garden…

The crocuses seem to have pushed up over night.  Hold on a minute though, what’s that brown shape in the top left hand corner…?

Just checking, are they edible?

From a dachshund point of view, the answer is probably yes…Oh dear…

Higgins has also had a growth spurt, the little black coat he wears for his walks has become like a sausage skin, so we decided to buy another one from Equafleece, this time in a more stylish colour.   His immediate reaction when we tried it on him was “Oh, NO!  A walk!” cue a mad dash to hide in his bed…

He’s just a little ‘weeny’, in every sense of the word!


3 Responses

  1. My Dachsunds are the same, reluctant walkers! Higgins eyes in that last photo are so explicit, I know that ‘hiding’ thing very well!!! It’s amazing the scent you get from Hyacinths, isn’t it? It’s so powerful, I relegate my Hyacinths to a hallway or corridor. Thanks for that excellent link to the dog coat site, brilliant, I’m going to show it to Hugo. Love Vanessa xxx

    • I did think of Douglas and Ellie when we went on to the web site because they were saying how good the coats were for stopping the ‘snowball’ effect on long haired dogs. They are not cheap, but I would recommend them wholeheartedly. P x

  2. Higgins is a very handsome gentleman–especially in his red coat. Who needs to go out and walk when the whole of the Internet can view you inside?

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