Getting lost on the Blog trail

So there I was, looking at the blogs I like,  then looking at the blogs that the blogger whose blogs I like, likes and then finding that those blogs have links to other blogs….well, I’m sure you get the picture.  Anyway, I have twice found blogs I really like, and have wanted to follow, and got distracted, and ..lost it.  I’ve gone back through the history, but … So that’s why I can’t give you a link to the site where I found this delicious and incredibly easy biscotti recipe.   I do feel duty bound however  to pass on something so yummy and simple to make so I think Planet Penny needs a recipe page…Hmm, resident geek is away, can I do this all alone….?


2 Responses

  1. I love biscotti and recently made some for the first time. Trouble is I don’t drink coffee so was left with nothing to dunk them in!

  2. Yes , I can potter from blog to blog for hours too . There’s always something pretty or amusing or , in this case , delicious . “Easy ” Biscotti …..difficult to believe , but definitely worth considering !

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