Here comes the sun…

…for at least two days according to the forecast (and then the snow’s back…)so I had a wizz round the garden with the camera.  You’ll be glad to know my camera issues have been resolved so the moaning will stop!.   With the  help of Ebay I now have THREE cameras!  When I went back to the nice and long suffering man at the London Camera Exchange with the new Olympus camera that I couldn’t get on with,  I took along the ‘steam’ camera that Tim had bought on Ebay, a Fuji Finepix 6800Zoom which had seemed so ‘state of the art’ when I had one nearly a decade ago.  I showed it to the nice man and said, ‘I just want a camera that takes pictures like this’.  And he couldn’t sell me one.  He said he had had the same camera for about four years, it has a fantastic lens, Tim had got an incredible bargain from Ebay and he gave me a full refund on the one I had had since November!  What amazing service.  He suggests I go back later in the year when the next generation of cameras comes in to see what would suit me.  Meanwhile Tim went back on to Ebay to get a memory card for it and bought a second camera for the same price as a memory card, and finally found an F650 (again at a bargain price) which was the model that I wore out last year.  So I have no excuse now for not filling my blog with lots of pictures – in focus!

As it’s St David’s Day and my daughter was born in Wales I have to include daffodils…

..but a little trip round the garden found things popping out in the sunshine.

It was interesting to see things from the perspective of someone very short…

Slightly out of focus, but Higgins hasn’t had a lot of photography practise so far…

Just to be completely greedy, I  had a pink tulip moment when I went shopping this afternoon,

…and then in the ‘slightly sad and lonely’ bucket, I found these, which just begged to come home with me to be appreciated…

…and I had some help arranging them…

It’s amazing what you can train a dachshund to do…


8 Responses

  1. Happy St David’s Day to you too! I love the arrival of daffodils, it means that spring is ALMOST here! x

  2. Yes, those photos are definately worth all the hassle. Thanks Penny. Hilary. x

  3. What beautiful photos, maybe i could train Fee to help me with some flower arranging 🙂 xx

  4. It’s lovely to see Spring flowers and almost begin to believe that winter’s nearly over !
    And now that Higgins has mastered photography and flower arranging , perhaps you could find him a salsa class …. unless he’d prefer ballroom ?

  5. Love it! Higgins the flower arranger and photographer! He’s not just a sweet and pretty face then? Looks like he’s starting to master the art of posing for the camera.
    To get an idea of my dogs eye level, I lie on the floor, and put my chin on the ground, and that’s about right for their eye level, it’s amazing just how low it is.
    Love Vanessa xxx

  6. Hi Penny – all that colour and flowers and sun – how lovely!

    Mind you I won’t be putting away the woolly socks, leggings and jumpers just yet.

    Look at Higgins with his ear turned inside out 🙂


  7. Oh! All the bright prettiness!!! Many, many thanks!

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